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After completing grooming school in 1994, Nicole Timm worked as a handler's assistant and went from shop to shop trying to find the right way to use her talents and decided to focus on pet grooming. Due to her love of pets and passion about the field, she decided it was the right palce to stay. She is committed to providing loving service and quality care to your pets because she knows how much attention and care she would want her dog and cats to receive.

Get personalized care  with every visit

When you visit Pretty Up Your Pup, your pet will receive individual attention with every treatment. We understand that waiting in a cage is not fun for your pet and we try our best to ensure that your pets needs are taken care of as soon as possible with their personality and fears in mind.

Trust us to take the best care of your dog or cat when they visit us for pet care services today.


Choose a custom treatment plan for your pet

We understand that it can be a difficult process to change groomers or get your pet treated for the first time. During your first appointment with us, we will discuss a personlaized regimen with you that suits both your pet and your lifestyle. Giving your dogs the blue ribbon treatment.

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